Faith without works is dead

God does want us to work with Him; He “began a good work in” us and expects us to “go forth and teach all nations, baptizing them….” We can only do so effectively if we act in His Love, if we have that personal relationship. It is foolishly sinful to think a personal relationship with Jesus and the absence of ritual or work is Christlike. Jesus established a relationship with His fledgling Church and performed works of healing, teaching, and exorcism among the people. He himself chose to receive a ritual baptism and later told us to “do this” [the reception of His Body and Blood] “in remembrance….” Some English scripture translations use the term “vain repetition.” To act pious without His Love is an act of pride, not of fealty, but that does not demean true piety. We can use repetition in acts of love for Him even through our daily rituals of prayer before each meal. Even those simple works or rituals, which God did not require or command through scripture, help to sustain our hearts in His Grace. We must have a personal relationship with the Christ, and we must exercise that relationship through our interactions with other people.

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